Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hyrum takes a Field Trip

Hyrum is one of six little boys in what we affectionatly call Boy School. (Yes, like Joy School, but with a better dose of testosterone. You know, Joy in Hair Pulling, Joy in Refusing to Share McQueen.) Well, after weeks of playing at each others houses, we took our sweet sons on a field trip to Cabela's. For those of you out there that ddin't marry into the Swiss Family Robinson, Cabela's is the mecca of hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors. It is like a natural history museum that sells .45s and bait. It also happens to be my little boy's favorite place in the universe. We pulled into the parking lot, and he all but ripped the straps off his car seat shouting "Animals!! Fish!!! Zebra!"

Emma the Superstar

Our little Emma has become quite the little showster. Two weeks ago she was in the talent show. The school held auditions, and Emma and three of her friends made the cut. 65 acts cut down to 10. Emma, Aubrey, MacKenzie, and Abbie sang "Everyday" from the end of High School Musical 2. They were the youngest kids in the show, and definately the cutest. There were a couple good numbers. Two brothers did a Beatles song on guitar and drums, and a kid in Clara's class did his own version of that You Tube dance through the decades thing. It was hilarious. One kid played guitar and sang a song he wrote, and then at the end said "If you'd like to hear more of my stuff look at my webpage." For their number, Emma and the girls wore little silver skirts and tshirts. I offered to do the costumes so I could control the modesty. That was stupid of me. I borrowed a sewing machine and I had put it in the back of the car. We had a linger longer after church, and I also had a crockpot of soup and a cake in the back of the car. (You can see where this is going...) Some guy cut me off, and I had to slam on my brakes, and the crock pot tipped over, and the sewing machine fell into the cake. There was enough soup left in the pot to contribute to the buffet (thanks in large part to Clara's speedy ability to climb over seats.) I did have to spend several hours and quite a few qtips cleaning pink frosting out of teeny tiny cracks in the sewing machine. I got it clean, though. Whew.
The next week I got to create yet another costume. Down on the Farm, the first grade play. A grand collection of farm songs (like Farmer in the Dell and Bingo) and a bunch of 6 year olds speaking incoherently into microphones. Emma did splendidly, though. "We like to roam and eat the grass, It doesn't take long for the time to pass." This time I wised up and glued. So, how many cotton balls does it take to cover a six year old? 850. The poor little sheep was shedding cotton balls all over creation. We couldn't find her after the play, and then we saw the trail of cotton. It lead us right to her.